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Skinny set

Skinny set

Bicycle skinny is a narrow feature found on mountain bike trails that tests a rider's balance and control.


Now it can be in your backyard! 

They are a great way to develop bike handling skills and can be found on trails of all difficulty levels. If you're new to mountain biking, it's best to start with wider skinnies as Byclex offer.


Friendly 25cm wide boards will keep you confident on the skinny. 


Easy to assemble, just a few parts to connect and secure with a bungee rope.


Contains 4 pieces.  2 kicker shaped and 2 table top elements. 


Skinny can be set up to be as a straight  or a serpent/zig zage shaped feature by flipping top boards over. 


Width 25cm

Length 250cm

Weight  8kg



Here are some tips for riding skinnies:

Maintain momentum: A little bit of speed helps you stay balanced.
Stand up: This will give you more control over your bike.
Focus on your line: Look where you want to go, not down at the skinny itself.
Make small adjustments: Don't jerk your handlebars or pedals.
Relax: If you tense up, you're more likely to lose your balance.



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