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Kicker bike ramp

Kicker bike ramp

Introducing the "Kicker" portable bicycle ramp, the perfect addition for all-round riders.


Whether you're into XC,BMX, DH, Enduro, or Dirt jumping, this ramp is a must-have for spot hunting. With its super fast assembly, you'll be ready to show off your skills in just 15 seconds.


Plus, with two ramp options available, you can choose to use half of the kicker if needed. Don't settle for less, upgrade your bike jumps with the Kicker bike ramp.


Kicker can be used with or without legs to increase the height. 3 possible heights of the Kicker. 


Can be used as a landing if legs are removed. 


Assembled dimensions:


Length 142cm

Width 50cm

Height  43-54cm

Weight 7.8kg


Packed  ramp dimensions:


Width 50cm
Lenght 70cm
Height 10cm


Kicker height options using attached legs:

Without legs: 46cm

Legs in the middle position 48cm

Legs in the top position 52cm


Weight:  9.6kg


Made of:

9mm birch water resistant plywood (painted)



Zinc plated nuts

Zinc plated rivets

Zinc plated screws

Zinc plated washers

Zinc plated hinges

Steel hinges

Elastic rope



Product design registered under EUIPO design protection


Jump Ramp, Kicker ramp, Bike ramp, Backpack ramp, Bicycle ramp


    Materials used: 

    Premium quality birch plywood. Water-resistant glue.  Waterproof anti-slip paint. 

    High-quality zinc plated nuts, screws, and hinges. 

    UV stabilized elastic ropes

    Super resistant ropes for handles



230,00 €Preis
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