Manual trainer

 First affordable manual trainer you can get.  Get your manual skill improved to another level.  Lightweight trainer can be brought to any place for your everyday manual exercising.  It can work as bicycle stand as well! Easy to set up, no screws needed. 15 separate parts which can be assembled in less than a minute.  Can be used with any bike from 20" to 29" wheels. Tire width to be used 1.85" to 3.00". If you are having trouble adding a rear wheel in to trainer, please release pressure in tyre. Inner spacing is switchable, 55mm or 75mm. 9mm adapter included in package. It will allow you to change inner spacing to 46mm or 66mm.  Adapter for 20", 24", 26", 27"5, 29" wheels included in the package.  Just change adapter places to fit the wheel you want. Made of 12mm premium water-resistant birch plywood. Narrowing adapter made of 9mm plywood.  Instruction for assemnly is HERE For visual defect items, please contact us via live chat.
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