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bunny hop

Hoop Hop

Hoop Hop


Another great bicycle item from  Byclex


Easy assembly, just slide in all parts and the base for Hoop Hop is done. 


Use it as hoop, try to ride through it.

Use it as a bunny hop meter alone or with our ramps to go over it.

Use it as  start or finish feature

Use it as limbo stick

As always variety of things can be done  with Byclex products


Plastic tubes with connectors to change the height or width of the hoop or hop'o'meter stick. 

Red foam protection to make hoop visible and to protect your rider head. 


Assembled  dimensions:


Width - varies depending on the tubes used
Lenght - varies depending on the tubes used
Height - varies depending on the tubes used


Weight 4


Rider + bike weight limit - no limit


Made of:


12mm birch water resistant plywood (painted)

Plastic tubes and connectors



Product design registered under EUIPO design protection


Jump Ramp, Kicker ramp, Bike ramp, Backpack ramp, Bicycle ramp. 

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