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Rocket ramp set

Rocket ramp set

Upgrade your bike park experience with the Rocket Bicycle Ramp set!


These innovative ramps are designed to connect together to create a versatile jump bridge, allowing you to practice your tricks and maneuvers with ease. You can also use the ramps separately to create a variety of launch and landing zones for your MTB or BMX bike adventures.


Key Features:

Friendly Curve Bridge Feature: The ramps feature a gentle curve that gradually transitions into a bridge, providing a smooth and stable transition for your bike as you launch into the air.


Versatility: Connect the ramps together to create a multi-level jump bridge or use them separately to build customized obstacle courses.


Adjustable Ramp-Bridge Height: Easily adjust the height of the ramp-bridge using the support legs, ensuring a perfect fit for your bike's size and skill level.


Rubber-Coated Pads for Extra Stability: The wide, rubber-coated pads provide exceptional grip on any surface, preventing slippage and ensuring stability for your bike as you launch and land.

Strengthened Support Legs: Durable support legs made from high-quality materials provide exceptional stability and can handle the weight of even the most powerful mountain bikes or BMX bikes.


Easy to Transport and Assemble: The Comet Bicycle Ramps' flatpack design makes them incredibly compact and easy to store. With their simple one-person assembly, you can set them up in no time.


Unleash your inner freestyle rider with the Comet Bicycle Ramps!


Experience the ultimate in bike park agility and precision with these versatile ramps. Order your


Comet Bicycle Ramps today and start practicing your tricks!



Flatpack design. 3 separate "briefcases'

1 person assembly. 

Assembly time - 5min. 

Set contains 2 Rocket  ramps and 1 Bridge


Length 450 cm 

Height 55cm

Width 50 cm

Weight 25kg


Rider + Bike weight limit - 200kg. 


Made of:

12mm birch water resistant plywood (painted)

9mm birch water resistant plywood (painted)


Zinc plated nuts

Zinc plated rivets

Zinc plated screws

Zinc plated washers

Steel hinges

Elastic rope



Product design registered under EUIPO design protection


Jump Ramp, Kicker ramp, Bike ramp, Backpack ramp, Bicycle ramp.

Sur-ron, Talaria, Stark Varg E-bike ramp

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