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comet bike ramp

Comet bike ramp

The Comet bike ramp is the perfect solution for beginners and advanced riders who want a portable and foldable ramp for their MTB or BMX.


With a simple and easy set up -  lock the side supports and slide them into the main frame of the ramp, and you're ready to ride.


Whether you're practicing your skills in your backyard or taking it to the park, the Comet ramp is convenient to transport and easy to store.


Get ready to take your riding to the next level with the Comet bike ramp.


Can be carried with Straps as a bacpack. Sold separately. 


Assembled ramp dimensions:

Length 124cm

Width  44cm

Height 33.5-40cm

Weight 5.7kg


Packed ramp dimensions:

Length 60cm

Width  44cm

Height 7cm




Made of:

9mm birch water resistant plywood (painted)

6.5mm birch water resistant plywood (painted)


Zinc plated nuts

Zinc plated rivets

Zinc plated screws

Zinc plated washers

Zinc plated hinges

Steel hinges

Elastic rope




Product design registered under EUIPO design protection


Jump Ramp, Kicker ramp, Bike ramp, Backpack ramp, Bicycle ramp.

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