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Byclex Portable GO MTB Bike Bicycle ramps kickers Skills park Enduro Downhill BMX Straps for carying


Straps for Comet, Kicker, Comet. GO, Table Top, Rock Garde, Root Run, Triangle.  


Convert your portable ramp into the backpack for a ridiculously low price. 


Soft pad to save your back and for a more comfortable transportation.


Reflectors to stay be visible during the dark period of the day. 


Buckles with lock option, just to be sure you wont lose your precious ramp on the way to the spot. 


Easy size adjustment to your height


Water-resistant fabric.


Materials used :

ABS Buckles with lock option

Nylon belts

Nylon Fabric

Nylon padded surface


Reflector or belt color may vary. 

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